Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Regional Context

1.31 The South West Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) although never adopted, remains a material consideration and the policies and proposals of the Local Plan reflect the RSS where its key elements remain in line with current national policy. In particular, Yeovil is identified as a Strategically Significant Town, as originally identified in the RSS. The District's employment and housing growth provisions, as set out in this Local Plan, no longer reflect the RSS requirements, and have been derived from updated evidence base work which reflects trends in population and household projections for South Somerset and, in particular, the District's economic growth potential. The growth proposals are also reflective of the Council's engagement with local communities and their aspirations.

1.32 The Local Plan is based on an Employment-led approach to growth reflecting the NPPF and government commitment to support sustainable economic growth[1]. Jobs and homes are aligned in a balanced manner, providing better opportunities for local jobs and sufficient homes to improve levels of self-containment.

1.33 A bottom up approach to economic growth has been used, focusing on the potential for local growth and providing employment opportunities in the District’s main settlements.

1. Section 1 NPPF March 2012, Paragraphs18-22 [back]