Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Sustainabilty Appraisal

4.29 The determination of the settlement hierarchy by settlement role and function renders use of a sustainability appraisal for determination of the hierarchy inappropriate (although entirely appropriate for determining the distribution of growth within the hierarchy -see below). The settlement hierarchy for South Somerset is set out below in Policy SS1.

Policy SS1: Settlement Strategy

Yeovil is a Strategically Significant Town and the prime focus for development in South Somerset.

The following are Market Towns where provision will be made for housing, employment, shopping and other services that increase their self containment and enhance their roles as service centres:-

Primary Market Towns: Chard, Crewkerne, Ilminster and Wincanton

Local Market Towns: Ansford/Castle Cary, Langport/Huish Episcopi and Somerton.

The following are Rural Centres which are those market towns with a local service role where provision for development will be made that meets local housing need, extends local services and supports economic activity appropriate to the scale of the settlement:-

Bruton, Ilchester, Martock/Bower Hinton, Milborne Port, South Petherton and Stoke sub Hamdon.

Rural settlements will be considered as part of the countryside to which national countryside protection policies apply (subject to the exceptions identified in Policy SS2).

4.30 The settlement hierarchy is shown in diagrammatic form in Figure 4: South Somerset District Settlement Hierarchy.

Figure 4: South Somerset District Settlement Hierarchy