Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Scale of Growth for the District and the Main Settlements


4.52 There is an undeniable link between jobs and homes, economic changes are a key driver affecting housing demand, and in order to support economic expansion and investment in an area, new homes are required to support a growing workforce.

4.53 The distribution of jobs and homes across the District is derived from the presumption that the past economic performance of the Districts settlements and rural areas is repeated into the future. The Council's economic geography is therefore projected into the future through this presumption and through the Council's Settlement Hierarchy, which reflects the District economic profile. The settlement strategy within this Local Plan presents a mechanism whereby the Council seeks to maintain and improve the economic function of Yeovil, the Market Towns and Rural Centres. The growth of businesses in rural areas should be focussed on the most sustainable and accessible locations and therefore the development of employment land will be strictly controlled in the open countryside away from existing settlements or outside areas allocated for development.

4.54 The Local Plan's approach to balancing the distribution of jobs and homes seeks to ensure more sustainable and self-contained communities that are better placed to offer a range of opportunities to all of their residents. This approach will support the retention of strong, vibrant and healthy communities.