Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Employment opportunities

4.38 National Planning policy[1] states that policies should support sustainable economic growth in rural areas where it provides the most sustainable option in villages or other locations that are remote from local centres, even when public transport is not readily available. Some examples of employment opportunities that are likely to be acceptable in Rural Settlements include starter units to support individuals or small companies, workshops, and businesses that require a rural location e.g. farm diversification, tourism (see Policy EP5 and EP7 and EP8 for further detail).

4.39 The Government initiative to deliver high speed broadband across the country is likely to provide more opportunities for small enterprises to be located in rural areas; the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership believes this broadband initiative is a vital stimulus that businesses need in the area to help the economic recovery.

4.40 The scale of employment development that is acceptable in Rural Settlements will vary depending on the size and nature of each settlement. Policies EP4 and EP5 provide further detail on how applications for economic development in the countryside will be assessed.

1. NPPF (March 2012) Paragraph 28 [back]