Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Local services and facilities

4.41 Accessible local services that reflect community needs and support well-being are vital to creating strong, vibrant and healthy communities. National planning policy[1] supports the delivery and safeguarding of community facilities and services allowing established facilities to develop and modernise. Supporting local services and facilities is particularly important in Rural Settlements in South Somerset where car travel is often the only realistic way of getting around, which contributes to increased CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, poor health, is costly for individuals, and makes it difficult for those without a car to access services.

4.42 Policy SS2 therefore generally supports proposals to create or enhance community facilities and services in Rural Settlements – this could include local shops; community halls; pubs; health and social care facilities; cultural, sports, recreation, faith and education facilities.

1. NPPF (March 2012) Paragraph 69-78 [back]