Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Historic Environment

2.30 South Somerset has a rich and diverse historic environment with evidence of settlement dating back to prehistoric times. There are many Iron Age and Bronze Age sites and the Fosse Way Roman Road dissects the District at the Roman settlement of Ilchester. The area has a rich heritage including important associations with the tanning, rope, glove and lace making industries. The wool industry has also played a major historic role in the development of the area.

2.31 The villages and historic parts of larger settlements are built with distinctive local stones, including Ham Hill and Blue lias, and the area has a high concentration of Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas as well as Country houses set in parkland. Large estates feature in the area including several owned by the National Trust. There are 94 Grade 1 listed buildings in South Somerset including many Norman or Medieval churches.

2.32 There is a strong link between the environmental quality and productivity of the area and the success of the local economy, through commerce, recreation, tourism and providing an environment where people want to work and live. The aim of the Local Plan is to ensure these are retained.