Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Strategic Objectives

3.4 The South Somerset SCS sets out 12 goals under 5 themes. Nine of these goals have a clear spatial element replicated in this Local Plan. Each goal of the SCS is a long-term aim to be achieved and there are close links between them. The objectives of the Local Plan are derived from these and from the national planning principles, as set out in the NPPF[1]. The Strategic Objectives by which the Vision for South Somerset will be achieved are as follows:-

  1. Safe, resilient, socially just, inclusive and sustainable communities providing employment, homes and services in close proximity with strong networks and confident people sharing respect for each other.
  2. A health enhancing environment, promoting walking, cycling and non car based transport and access to leisure opportunities.
  3. Access to quality services and facilities designed around the needs of the community, enabling everyone to have fair and equitable access to what they need in their local area.
  4. An integrated sustainable transport system developed both within and between towns especially to and from Yeovil, whilst promoting enhanced delivery of services direct to rural areas through Information and Computer Technologies.
  5. A comprehensive, high performing economy that is diverse, adaptable and provides jobs growth and inward investment through a thriving Yeovil, regenerated Chard and market towns and a diversified rural economy.
  6. A natural and built environment able to attract and retain visitors, a vibrant tourism industry and encourage inward investment of high quality sustainable businesses.
  7. A balanced housing market with a range of both general and affordable housing to meet the required growth and sited and built to support sustainable lifestyles with low carbon emissions, delivered through a sustainable district settlement strategy and hierarchy.
  8. Address climate change through both mitigation and adaptation and move towards a Carbon Neutral economy by the Government target date of 2030 by delivering high quality and energy efficient development with exemplar development at Yeovil to move towards more sustainable, lower carbon consumption living and to provide a boost to new low carbon technologies.
  9. Protection and enhancement of our natural environment and biodiversity, retaining the distinctiveness of settlements and reflecting known environmental constraints, including flood risks in locating growth.
1. The NPPF (March 2012) Paragraph 17 sets out 12 overarching principles of the planning system. [back]