Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Phasing of Previously Developed Land

4.124 Brownfield development before Greenfield is sought through 'Policy HG2: The use of Previously Developed Land (PDL) for new housing development' which sets an overall target of 40% of development on PDL. However, this policy has not sought to phase development with a presumption of PDL before Greenfield land.

4.125 To achieve the Council's PDL target set out in Policy HG2 development will be guided towards the most sustainable locations available, which maximise social and economic benefits, minimise the loss of Greenfield sites to built development, reduce the need to travel and make the best use of land and other resources.

4.126 The Council will also consider a range of incentives or interventions that could help to ensure that previously developed land is developed prior to Greenfield including addressing obstacles to the development of vacant and derelict sites and buildings and encouraging innovative housing schemes that make effective use of public sector previously-developed land.

4.127 A necessary caveat to the application of the policy is that it must not hinder needed development and in particular that there is sufficient housing land available for development.

Policy SS7: Phasing of Previously Developed Land

A sequential approach to development will seek the early development of previously developed, derelict or underused land in settlements before the development of Greenfield land, where this would not prevent sufficient development of business, housing (particularly affordable housing) and other uses necessary to achieve the overall vision and strategy coming forward. A minimum target of 40% of new development should be on previously developed land and a 5-year land supply needs to pertain.


4.128 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy SS7:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Developers and Landowners.
Monitoring Indicators    Target   
Percentage of new development on PDL 40% of development to be PDL from all housing applications
Refusal of applications for Greenfield development where PDL is identified as readily available 100% of applications