Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Local Aspirations - the 'Yeovil Vision'

5.9 The Yeovil Vision project involves a wide range of groups with an interest in the town, and is a statement of ambition reflecting the desire for the future development, regeneration, renewal of Yeovil to 2028 and beyond. It has the catch phrase ‘Yeovil; the heart of the country… and the mind of a city’, supported by the following objectives:

  • Developing a positive, confident and distinct image;
  • A town centre which is safe and clean;
  • Delivering quality new developments which are locally distinctive, sustainable and contribute to the development of the town centre as a whole;
  • Enhancing its close relationship with the country park and countryside beyond;
  • Realising its full potential to meet the demands of its catchment area and in doing so attracting appropriate and quality inward investment;
  • Developing distinct yet complimentary quarters (see Figure 7: Yeovil Vision Urban Quarters below) to improve the vitality and diversity of the town centre;
  • Using a quality transport system which provides choice;
  • A mixture of uses and activities providing a safe and vibrant environment for both daytime and night-time economies;
  • Developing a strong community involvement in its future development and improvement;
  • A town that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity.

5.10 The Yeovil Urban Development Framework (2005) details specific projects in the town centre that would help deliver the objectives and aspirations of the Yeovil Vision – the Local Plan supports these projects as helping to regenerate the town:

  1. Radial routes – the re-establishment of the historic radial routes into the town centre.
  2. The Avenue – the transformation of the Reckleford/Queensway bypass into an urban boulevard.
  3. Urban Village – rationalisation of the street pattern to the south and the creation of locations for high quality mixed use development.
  4. Green Fingers – a series of green corridors and links between the town centre and Country Park.
  5. Promenade – the creation of a strong urban frontage to the Country Park which strengthens its relationship with the town centre.
  6. Green Transport Corridor – a corridor of future sustainable transport opportunities which connects the east end of Yeovil with the Country Park.
  7. Development Opportunities – a schedule of major opportunities for development in the town centre.
Figure 7: Yeovil Vision Urban Quarters

5.11 An updated overview[1] of the some of the schemes proposed in the Yeovil Vision has identified two key factors as being critical to the success of the town centre: residual town centre functions should better meet local need to reverse the "leakage of spend" from the Yeovil catchment area; and connectivity should be maintained and enhanced both within the town centre, and to key destinations elsewhere in the town. In the longer term, office based employment should increase in the town centre in order to increase its vitality and viability.

1. Yeovil Place Review, Ekosgen, 2010 [back]