Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028


5.22 Yeovil is the largest and most successful town centre in the District with a reasonable presence of 'High Street' brands, although there has been an increase in the number of vacant properties across the town centre in recent years. The proposals[1] for a 23,000 sq m gross expansion of the Quedam Shopping Centre will considerably improve the retail offer of the town and provide a range of modern shop units to attract new retailers.

Yeovil 2

5.23 The South Somerset Retail Study Update (2012) recommends a strategy of retaining Yeovil's market share, which will secure its prominence in the retail hierarchy, whilst allowing sufficient retail provision in the Market Towns, District Centres and Local Centres. If Yeovil’s market share were increased it would potentially unbalance this relationship at the expense of the other centres in the retail hierarchy. Therefore to retain Yeovil's market share in a managed way, an upper limit is placed on additional retail floorspace in Yeovil beyond existing retail provisions and commitments (see Policy EP10). The limits are 3,800sq m (or £47.7m retail expenditure) of convenience goods retail floorspace and 12,600 sq m (or £90.9m retail expenditure) of comparison goods retail floorspace to 2028.

5.24 The threshold at which retail proposals are required to prepare a Retail Impact Assessment is 2,500 sq m, which is in line with the NPPF.[2]

1. The scheme has a resolution to grant planning permission (as at February 2012) [back]
2. NPPF march 2012 [back]