Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028


5.38 Finally the opportunity was taken within the context of the Infrastructure Planning Report (IP) to cost the infrastructure required for the preferred option for the urban extension against an emerging option to the north west of the town (from both the constraints mapping exercise and the representations received). The findings of the IDP were that:

'7.8 We have considered the different costs of the southern and northern urban extension locations. This is within the context of the separate sustainability appraisal undertaken by the Council, which has already indicated that the southern option is preferable.
There are a number of infrastructure items included within the schedule that are applicable to either of the urban extension locations, particularly the requirements for social and community infrastructure (which will include the new secondary school), and the green infrastructure requirement.
  • The differences in the costs relate to the different physical infrastructure required, with more requirements in the northern location (total £53.9m compared to £47.4m for the southern urban extension).
  • The net effect is that on the basis of the infrastructure requirement identified to date, the northern urban extension is more expensive to deliver than the southern urban extension.'

5.39 The Infrastructure Planning Report identified that highways improvements will be required in delivering the Sustainable Urban Extension, with initial work[1] indicating improvements to existing roundabouts at Keyford and Little Tarrat roundabout, and the creation of a new roundabout at Placket Lane. However, further detail on highways requirements will be included in the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension Area Action Plan.

5.40 In terms of other infrastructure requirements in locating the Sustainable Urban Extension to the south and west of Yeovil, alterations to overhead British Telecom lines are a 'critical' requirement. Infrastructure for health, leisure, education, open space and waste will also be 'necessary' in delivering the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension.[2]  [3]In particular there is a need for 2 primary schools (for the full scale development) a secondary school for Yeovil best located in the Sustainable Urban Extension and a Health Centre.

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