Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Future Masterplanning

5.46 These studies are moving into areas of more detailed planning of the urban extension that will require detailed masterplanning to develop the location of growth into a detailed scheme that can be implemented. This masterplanning is anticipated as a necessary process to be undertaken within the context of an area based development planning document and with the full engagement and ownership of the wider Yeovil community as well as the local communities immediately adjacent the direction of growth. The masterplan will be designed in such a way that will contribute to the green infrastructure strategy.

5.47 Further detail on all of the key issues in delivering the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension will be addressed in the Area Action Plan to be produced after the Local Plan is adopted.

5.48 The masterplan will be able to pick up on issues identified in the Council's Habitat Regulations assessment and ensure that the appropriate mitigation measures are taken in relation to the bat foraging features and routes from the Brackets Coppice special area for conservation some 6 to 8 miles to the south west. The assessment identifies the masterplan as the appropriate means to address these matters.

Policy YV2: Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension

The Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension should be located to the south and west of the town and should provide the following:

  • 11.0 hectares of 'B' use class employment land;
  • 2,500 dwellings, 1,565 of which should be built in the plan period up to 2028, with the remaining 935 dwellings built after 2028;
  • Two Primary schools and a Secondary school;
  • A health centre;

The Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension will be developed to the highest sustainability objectives and garden city principles, subject to viability.

Development within the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension will be permitted where features supporting bat movement are not severed and that access between feeding areas and roosts is maintained unless it can be proven that there would be no significant effect by the proposal on such features.

5.49 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy YV2:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Somerset County Council;
  • Town and Parish Councils;
  • Developers and Landowners;
  • Infrastructure Providers.
Monitoring Indicators    Target   
Level of 'sustainability' achieved at the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension
Achieve the highest feasible sustainability standards and in particular
  • 40% of total development as greenspace
  • 35% affordable housing provided on site and at the least 30%
  • 50% of trips by non car means
  • 1565 jobs provided by 2028 on employment areas (1 job per economically active person)
Amount of 'B' use employment land delivered in the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension. 7 ha of 'B' use employment land delivered in the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension within the plan period with a further 4 ha post plan period
Number of dwellings built in the Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension 1,565 dwellings developed in the Yeovil SUE up to the year 2028, and an additional 935 dwellings after the plan period.
Masterplan Publication of masterplan for sustainable urban extension