Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Yeovil Summerhouse Village

5.55 The Yeovil 'urban village' site lies between Stars Lane, Park Street/South Street and Dodham Brook in Yeovil town centre, and is regarded as a major opportunity to bring investment back into an underused part of the town centre that is of a strategic scale justifying inclusion in the Local Plan. The Yeovil Urban Development Framework (UDF 2005) identified the site as a priority for regeneration, on land that is currently used as a car park and primarily owned by the District Council.

5.56 The Yeovil UDF established the underlying principles that have informed the Summerhouse Village draft Masterplan (August 2011) - this examines the viability of developing an urban village to the highest sustainability standards, and includes a draft masterplan and outline design codes. A mixed-use scheme involving housing-led regeneration of the site is currently proposed. The key principles of the Summerhouse Village are:

  • Develop a mixed use income development that appeals to a range of markets, including people already living in Yeovil in unsatisfactory accommodation;
  • Create a balanced community over time in terms of ages and incomes, starting with young families and following on with senior living and larger individual eco homes, with some accommodation for rent, and also home workers through larger than usual homes;
  • Provide a better than usual level of infrastructure in terms of energy, waste and water;
  • Replicate models that have worked elsewhere including involvement of community enterprises.

5.57 There are key viability issues including funding the replacement of car parking spaces and finding appropriate alternative sites; affordable housing provision; flooding mitigation and further assessment of proposals for a hotel and access arrangements. There is the expectation that the initial phase of 150 dwellings will be built starting later this decade with the further development of other potential residential sites to be built towards the end of the plan period to reach a higher overall capacity of 278 dwellings.

Policy YV4: Yeovil Summerhouse Village

Yeovil Summerhouse Village is identified as a strategic location for a mixed-use scheme of around 278 dwellings, retail and leisure uses in the town centre.

Summerhouse Village will be developed to the highest sustainability objectives, subject to viability.


5.58 Given the scale of work still to be undertaken it is unlikely that the Summerhouse Village Masterplan will be deliverable until the later stages of the Local Plan period.  The following issues will need to be resolved by the identified bodies in order to deliver the Summerhouse Village in full:

  • Car park site search - South Somerset District Council; Yeovil Vision Board; landowners;
  • Flood Risk Assessment (and subsequent mitigation measures) for sites on the edge of the flood plain and adjacent the Dodham Brook - developers; the Environment Agency; South Somerset District Council;
  • The final Masterplan will need to be financially reappraised to assess project viability - South Somerset District Council; Yeovil Vision Board; developers.
Monitoring Indicators    Target   
Delivery of the Yeovil urban village in line with the principles of the Summerhouse Village Masterplan A mixed-use scheme of around 278 dwellings, retail and leisure uses on the urban village site delivered by 2028