Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Yeovil Airfield Flight Safety Zone

5.61 The aerospace company 'Agusta Westland' is Yeovil's main employer and is of key strategic importance to the economy of the town. The company expressed concerns about the impact of development around Yeovil upon the safe operation and continued use of the airfield, which is vital for helicopter manufacture and design. Agusta Westland have explained their requirements to carry out test and development flying of both civil and military aircraft. This requires approval to operate aircraft from both the Civil and Military Aviation Authorities. If development was to take place on the main westerly and south westerly flight paths, the company could risk losing its aerodrome licenses (civil and military). Therefore, a flight safety zone has been set out to the south west and west of Yeovil (see Proposals Map - Yeovil Inset Map), where built development is precluded. This zone has been delineated on the basis of information supplied by Agusta Westland from simulation modelling of potential emergency procedures on take off (primarily giving horizontal length of the safety zone) and pilot judgement on avoidance of obstacles and impact of wind (giving a lateral spread for the safety zone).

Policy YV5: Yeovil Airfield Flight Safety Zone
Development in the Yeovil Airfield Flight Safety Zone will be strictly controlled and limited to that which can be justified as causing no hazard to the operational needs of Agusta Westland's Aerodrome.

5.62 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy YV5:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Agusta Westlands.
Monitoring Indicators    Target   
Avoidance of development that will cause a hazard to the Yeovil Airfield Safety Zone No built development in the Yeovil Airfield Flight Safety Zone