Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028


5.59 The Infrastructure Planning Report[1] identifies a number of infrastructure requirements for Yeovil and the Sustainable Urban Extension:

  • Transport - critical
There are several infrastructure requirements relating to transport that are identified as being 'critical' when delivering new development in Yeovil.[2] Delivery of the highways infrastructure identified in the Eastern and Western Corridor studies are foremost among these highway improvements, including improvements to help alleviate congestion at the three major roundabouts in the town: Horsey, Hospital and Fiveways. Given the lack of public spending available for such schemes, it is likely that significant elements of 'critical' highways infrastructure will need to be funded from new development.
  • Transport - necessary
Non-highways transport improvements are also proposed in Yeovil, often relating to promoting sustainable travel e.g. improving the walking and cycling network, although these are identified as being 'necessary' rather than 'critical'.
  • Health - necessary
Replacement facilities are identified as being required for two surgeries, along with an extension of a medical centre. A new health centre is required for the urban extension.
  • Leisure - necessary
New synthetic turf pitches, sports ground, equipped play areas, youth facilities, community hall.
  • Education - necessary
2 new primary schools and a secondary school in Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension.
  • Open space - necessary
Open space and natural green space provision reflecting enhanced aspiration for the urban extension.

5.60 In addition, many items of infrastructure are identified as being ‘desirable’ when delivering new development in Yeovil, relating to public realm improvements, green infrastructure, and non-highways transport improvements.

1. Infrastructure Planning in South Somerset, 2012 [back]
2. Infrastructure Planning in South Somerset, 2012 [back]