Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

What will the Local Plan Deliver?

Settlement Status

7.22 As set out in Policy SS1, whilst Ilchester has a strong employment role due to its proximity to RNAS Yeovilton, it is classified as a Rural Centre.

7.23 In the past due to its environmental constraints, Ilchester did not have an identified Development Area, and housing and employment growth was significantly limited. The amendment to the noise contours provides the opportunity for some growth, which will help to provide local employment and housing and help to retain local services. A Development Area is now identified on the Ilchester Proposals Map.


7.24 It is important to sustain and enhance Ilchester's role as a Rural Centre, with a level of development that is commensurate with the size, accessibility, character and environmental constraints of the town. The Local Plan will therefore support the development of around 151 dwellings over the plan period, up to 2028, which is considered to be deliverable through the Development Management process.

7.25 The MOD have identified that there will be a need for additional housing for service personnel and their families within a 10 mile radius of RNAS Yeovilton within the plan period.

7.26 Bureau Veritas were commissioned by South Somerset District Council to prepare noise contours to represent current typical aircraft activity at RNAS Yeovilton[1]. New noise contours have been identified (see Inset Map 6a) and these will be a material consideration used to guide planning decisions. The revised contours seek to minimise the adverse impact of noise, without placing unreasonable restrictions on development or adding unduly to the costs and administrative burdens of business.

7.27 The MOD can give no guarantee as to the type therefore, number and frequency of aircraft movements now or in the future. It is imperative that any further dwellings, be constructed to the highest levels of noise protection so as not to constrain the bases' future operational flexibility and provide an appropriate living environment for new residents. There are opportunities for development away from the flood risk areas in locations which the landscape character appraisal indicates could accommodate more housing.


7.28 Proximity to the A303 and good connections to the South and North, means that Ilchester will always enjoy the advantages brought by good road communications. There is likely to be a small local demand for employment sites, this should be supported to increase Ilchester's level of self-containment and offer an alternative to Yeovil.

7.29 As set out in Policy SS3, a minimum of 2.02 hectares of 'B' Use Class employment land will be supported up to 2028. Of the 2.02 hectares, 0.02 is already committed, with a residual requirement for 2 new hectares, which is considered to be deliverable through the Development Management process.


7.30 As set out in Policy EP9, Ilchester is a Local Centre in retail terms and the focus for any new retail development should be within the defined Town Centre. Proposals for retail development in excess of 250 sq m will be required to undertake a Retail Impact Assessment.


7.31 The Infrastructure Delivery Plan does not indicate the need for any 'critical' infrastructure[2] requirements to be provided in Ilchester as a result of the proposed new development. It does however identify a number of 'necessary' infrastructure[3] requirements, which generally relate to open space and sports facilities.


7.32 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing the proposed development at Ilchester:

  • South Somerset District Council
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Developers and Landowners
Monitoring Indicators    Target   
Completed housing development in Ilchester  151 homes built in Ilchester between 2006 and 2028
Completed employment ('B' uses) floor space in Ilchester 2.02 ha of 'B' use employment land built in Ilchester  between 2006 and 2028
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2. See Glossary [back]
3. See Glossary [back]