Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Local Aspirations

7.47 As well as recognising the need to create employment opportunities and expressing a desire to see modest housing growth the community wish to see increased retail provision in Milborne Port.

7.48 The Milborne Port Community Plan[1] aims to:

  • Support the maintenance and sustainable growth of existing businesses;
  • Encourage the development of sustainable new business ventures and employment opportunities;
  • Ensure a balanced rate of growth for the benefit of all residents whilst maintaining the unique character of Milborne Port;
  • Support the various community groups active in the village;
  • Make it a welcoming village for newcomers;
  • Ensure that it is a safe village in which to live and work; and
  • Encourage the village residents to play their part in creating a more sustainable environment.
1. Endorsed by South Somerset District Council, August 2010 [back]