Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Job Growth and Employment Land Requirements

8.5 The Settlement Strategy sets out how the Council is pursuing an employment led approach to managing growth across the District - raising levels of self-containment by seeking to deliver balanced employment and housing growth.

8.6 Since 1991 South Somerset's economy has grown significantly from 47,500 jobs to 65,200 jobs in 2010[1], which is an average of 932 new jobs a year, although there have been fluctuations during this period (a loss of 2,100 jobs between 2006 and 2010 due to the recession). Despite these challenging economic conditions, it is anticipated, based on the local economy and economic structure, recovery will occur and lead to at least 9,200 new jobs over the plan period. The report 'Housing Requirement for South Somerset and Yeovil' (January 2011) provides further details on the South Somerset economy and jobs growth 2006-2028[2].

8.7 There is a requirement in Policy SS3: Delivering Employment Growth to therefore provide for at least 9,200 new jobs and 162 hectares of employment land within the District to 2028 (of which 42.5 hectares will be additional provision to existing employment land supply. Supply consists of saved allocations, land with planning permission, land previously with permission, now lapsed and land under construction).

1. ABI and BRES Employee Analysis 1991-2010 [back]
2. as updated to 2028 by SSDC and interpreting the 2010 Business Register Employment Survey (BRES) from Nomis [back]