Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Strategic Employment Sites

8.8 A key role for the Local Plan is to identify strategic sites for local and inward investment.[1] The South Somerset Employment Land Review (ELR) (2011) makes a recommendation as to which currently saved sites are strategically significant (sites that are critical to the delivery of the Local Plan Vision, and meet anticipated business needs over the plan period) and should be included in the Local Plan.

1. NPPF March 2012 Paragraph 21 [back]
Land at Lufton

8.9 The site, which forms part of the wider Lufton 2000 business park, now benefits from planning permission. The wider business park is vibrant, providing good quality, general industrial employment land in the right location, with good access. The strategic significance of the allocation is that it provides much needed general industrial land in a prime employment location in Yeovil. The site has now received planning consent, which is being implemented, and is therefore not identified in Policy EP1.

Land off Bunford Lane

8.10 The site, which is in an important gateway location at the edge of Yeovil, is allocated for employment to provide a high quality business park. The strategic significance of the allocation is that it seeks to widen the economic base of the town through the promotion and expansion of clusters or networks of knowledge driven, high technology industries, therefore it is restricted to B1 uses only. This site has now received planning consent, and is therefore not identified in Policy EP1.

Crewkerne Key Site

8.11 The Crewkerne Key Site forms part of the comprehensive regeneration of the town and the employment element of the package is crucial to delivering a balanced development.

Land at Ilminster

8.12 The three Ilminster sites saved from the South Somerset Local Plan (1991-2011) cumulatively will deliver in the region of 21 hectares of employment land. Their location on the junction of the A303/A358 provides a strategically important opportunity to secure major investment into the District for a range of industries (including distribution).

Chard Key Site

8.13 Chard is a priority area for economic regeneration. The new strategic location for Chard's growth and role is set out within Policy PMT1: Chard Growth Area.

Yeovil Urban Extension

8.14 A new strategic location for development is proposed in Yeovil adjacent to the urban edge. A policy requiring employment provision in association with this wider proposal is set out in the Yeovil Chapter in Policy YV2: Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension.

8.15 Policy EP1 takes the sites identified in the ELR and identifies them as being strategically significant for local and inward investment. Their use will therefore be for employment purposes (unless specified for B1, B2 and B8 uses). See Policy SS3: Delivering Employment Growth identifies other sites saved from the South Somerset Local Plan and the sites that are not saved).

Policy EP1: Strategic Employment Sites

The following employment allocations are strategically significant for local and inward investment:

  • Crewkerne Key Site (Saved Local Plan Allocation KS/CREW/1);
  • Land west of Horlicks Ltd, Hort Bridge, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/3);
  • Land off Station Road, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/4); and
  • Land adjacent to Powrmatic, Hort Bridge, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/5).

8.16 Planning consent has been awarded for the Lufton and Bunford sites and the remaining sites have been granted in principle. The Council is committed to supporting economic development, and the occupation of these sites will be promoted through the Council's economic development and planning functions.

8.17 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy EP1:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Developers and Landowners.
Monitoring Indicators Target
Delivery of employment land in Yeovil, Crewkerne and Ilminster Deliver approximately 21 hectares of strategic employment land in Yeovil, 10.5 hectares in Crewkerne and 21 hectares in Ilminster by 2028