Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Delivering Employment Land in the Countryside

8.34 In the context of protecting the countryside, national policy supports the sustainable growth and expansion of all types of business and enterprise in rural areas.[1] Policy SS2: Development in Rural Settlements outlines the strategic approach to job creation in Rural Settlements and Policy SS3: Delivering Employment Growth identifies the amount of employment land to be delivered in these settlements over the remainder of the Plan period[2].

8.35 The Council supports a viable rural economy and its diversification, the District's Sustainable Community Strategy seeks to deliver a raised quality of life in rural areas by promoting thriving, inclusive and locally distinctive rural economies. Policies EP4: Expansion of Businesses in the Countryside and EP5: Farm Diversification, outline how the planning system will assist in delivering development which will promote the growth of new smaller scale business, expansion of existing businesses and diversification of the rural economy.

8.36 New employment land in the countryside should be of a scale that is appropriate to the surrounding area and should not lead to undue displacement of workers from nearby Market Towns and Rural Centres, as this will impact on the self containment of those settlements and the settlement hierarchy.

1. NPPF - Paragraph 28 [back]
2. Policy SS3 identifies a minimum requirement for 4.5 hectares of employment land in the District's Rural Settlements [back]