Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Town Centre Uses

8.73 The South Somerset Retail Study Update (June 2012) (known as retail study) outlines a number of economic and social trends that will influence the future pattern of retailing and hence the nature of South Somerset's town centres over the plan period. Clearly the population and employment growth that will be experienced in South Somerset to 2028 will mean that there is a need for more retail and leisure provision, but the District's town centres will need to adapt to changing circumstances, such as competition from internet shopping if they are to retain their customers over the coming years - town centres will need to focus on quality, offering a mix of retail, leisure and service facilities.

8.74 National guidance is clear that planning policies should support the vitality and viability of town centres as they are at the heart of their communities and they should be the preferred locations for retailing and other town centre uses. The Sustainable Community Strategy seeks to attract more, and a wider range of retail and other services into the District to maximise local spending and prevent leakage to other centres outside the District. Stemming from these aims, the key retail objective of the Local Plan is to retain and promote a range and mix of town centre uses within Yeovil, the Market Towns, District Centres and Local Centres (see below for definitions) to meet the needs of the community and retain and enhance the vitality and viability of those centres.