Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Convenience and Comparison Shopping in Yeovil

8.84 The retail study has assessed the qualitative and quantitative need for convenience (food) and comparison (non-food) retail development across the District[1]. The study recommends a strategy of retaining Yeovil's market share, which will secure its prominence in the retail hierarchy, whilst allowing sufficient retail provision in the Market Towns, District Centres and Local Centres. If Yeovil's market share were increased it would potentially unbalance this relationship at the expense of the other centres. Therefore to retain Yeovil's market share in a managed way, an upper limit is placed on additional retail floorspace in Yeovil in Policy EP10.

8.85 The retail study made recommendations regarding the convenience and comparison retail floorspace capacity in other settlements in South Somerset, and these figures are quoted in the relevant settlement sections of the Local Plan.

Policy EP10: Convenience and Comparison Shopping in Yeovil

The cumulative net increase in convenience goods retail floorspace, beyond existing retail provision and commitments, to be completed in Yeovil is limited to a figure of 2400sq m (or £29.9m retail expenditure) by 2017, 3,050 sq m (or £37.8m retail expenditure) by 2022 and 3,800 sq m (or £47.7m retail expenditure) by 2028.

The overall net increase in comparison goods should be limited to a figure of 12,600 sq m (or £90.9m retail expenditure) by 2028.

The floorspace provision (and retail expenditure) is to be regularly monitored to take account of changing circumstances.


8.86 The Council will work in partnership to promote the District’s town centres and encourage appropriately scaled development in those town centres. The delivery of retail schemes will be private sector led.

8.87 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy EP10:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Town and Parish Councils;
  • Developers and Landowners;
  • Infrastructure Providers.
Monitoring Indicators Target
Amount of retail floorspace developed in Yeovil Ensure that retail development in Yeovil is not at the expense of the health, vitality and viability of other settlement's town centres by ensuring that the net increase in comparison and convenience goods retail floorspace for Yeovil is within the identified figures contained in the policy
1. Retail Study Update June 2012 [back]