Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Strategic Housing Sites

9.3 Strategically significant housing sites need to be identified and, where necessary safeguarded from the existing Local Plan with other locally important housing sites identified as 'Saved' allocations. A strategically significant site is defined as one that is critical to delivery of the Local Plan as the vision could not be fulfilled without it. Without such sites there would not be sufficient land in the relevant settlements needed to deliver the required levels of growth across the District. In addition strategic locations for development are proposed at the 'Yeovil Summerhouse Village' in the centre of the town and at the 'Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension' to the south of Yeovil, and they are both the subject of specific policy in the Yeovil section. A major allocation for development at Chard is also proposed in the Chard section and this incorporates the land areas of the former Chard saved Local Plan allocation KS/CHAR/1. Details of the specific strategic locations are listed below:

Yeovil – North of Thorne Lane (Brimsmore)

9.4 The Brimsmore site benefits from outline planning permission granted in August 2007. Reserved Matters, for part of the site only, were granted in November 2011. Development of this site will provide additional housing, recreation and community facilities within the north of Yeovil with a new link road provided from Western Avenue to Brimsmore. A new 'village' centre will provide community facilities for daily needs and provide access to a new primary school. The existing bus service in Larkhill Road can be extended to serve the site.

Yeovil – Lufton

9.5 The Lufton site benefits from outline planning permission granted in May 2007. The site lies close to existing employment opportunities on the west of Yeovil and also to the Bunford and Lufton strategic employment sites. A local centre will provide for residents' daily needs.

Yeovil – Lyde Road

9.6 The Lyde Road site was one of the strategic Key Sites in the adopted Local Plan[1] and housing on this site is currently under construction. The scheme also provides an extension to the existing country park along the flood plain, a primary school site, play facilities including a multi use games area (MUGA) and linear park. The site remains important for delivering a mixture of housing types and tenure in Yeovil.

1. South Somerset Local Plan, 1991 - 2011 [back]

9.7 Development of Crewkerne Key Site (Saved Local Plan Allocation KS/CREW/1) is part of the comprehensive regeneration of the town and the site will provide a wide package of land uses. This site has convenient links to town centre and will provide a link between the A30 (Yeovil Road) and A356 (Station Road). This site is also saved as a strategic employment site.

Policy HG1: Strategic Housing Site

The following housing allocation is strategically significant and will be safeguarded as a residential Key Site:

  • CLR Site, Crewkerne (saved South Somerset Local Plan 1991 - 2011 allocation KS/CREW/1)

9.8 Planning permission has been given for the Lufton and Thorne Lane sites and Crewkerne has been agreed in principle subject to the signing of a legal agreement[2] (at the time of writing). The Council is committed to delivering this housing growth and they will be supported through the Development Management function. The Housing Monitoring Database will provide the mechanism for monitoring the supply of housing land within the District.

9.9 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy HG1:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Town and Parish Councils;
  • Developers and Landowners;
  • Infrastructure Providers.
Monitoring Indicators Target
Delivery of strategic housing growth on sites at Crewkerne To deliver identified dwellings at Crewkerne
2. Section 106 Agreement [back]