Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Determination of Previously Developed Land Target

9.11 The PDL target is determined on the basis of an assessment of existing commitments in Yeovil and the rest of the District given known information  up to April 2011 and beyond to the point where existing planning consent are built out. These assessments have excluded garden plots from the definition of PDL in accordance with the guidance in the NPPF.[1]

9.12 The likely PDF delivery for the rest of the Plan period is estimated in the case of Yeovil where there is a clear indication of Greenfield development. This consists of the Sustainable Urban Extension (Greenfield), the intensification of existing key sites (Greenfield), the Summerhouse Village (in the heart of Yeovil) (PDL) and an estimate based on past windfall provision (assuming 100% PDL) and enhanced anticipated provision. These are set out in the Yeovil Chapter.

9.13 The likely PDL delivery for the rest of the Plan period and rest of the District is based on a simple projection of past PDL build rate. The results of these calculations are set out below.

Table 7 : PDL Estimation for the Plan Period
PDL Dwellings (%)
Greenfield Dwellings (%)
Total Dwellings
Yeovil - Housing Completions & Commitments (April 2006-March 2011)

1,136 (31%)

2,579 (69%)


Yeovil - Residual Housing Requirement
(April 2011 – March 2028)

2,312 (56%)

1,799 (44%)


Yeovil - Total

3,448 (44%)

4,369 (56%)


Rest of the District - Housing Completions & Commitments
(April 2006-March 2011)

1,928 (40%)

2,890 (60%)


Rest of the District - Residual Housing Requirement
(April 2011 – March 2028)

1,649 (40%)



Rest of the District – Total

3,575 (40%)



District Total

7,023 (42%)

9,730 (58%)



9.14 It is therefore anticipated that a target of new housing on PDL over the Plan period of 40% is challenging but justified because it is based significantly on known information and reasonable future estimations and the following factors:

  • The predominately rural nature of the District;
  • The impact of Yeovil Urban Extension;
  • National change in the definition of garden plots from PDF to Greenfield over the whole Plan period;
  • The impact of large Greenfield sites in the form of key sites from the previous local plan coming forward and lowering the PDL development in the immediate future;
  • The planning case for Greenfield development at the key sites and the Urban Extension to delivering communities and community benefits;
  • The expected greater difficulty to deliver PDL sites on time.
Policy HG2: The use of Previously Developed Land (PDL) for new housing development

South Somerset District Council will seek to provide a minimum of 40% of new dwellings on previously developed land over the period of the Local Plan. This will be monitored through the Annual Monitoring Report and reviewed as necessary.


9.15 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy HG2:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Developers and Landowners.
Monitoring Indicators Target
Percentage of new dwellings built on PDL 40%
1. NPPF March 2012 [back]