Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Affordable Housing Policy Target

9.20 The SHMA suggests that the maximum District wide target, based on the evidence of need and viability is 35% of housing development, (on a nil subsidy basis). However, economic circumstances are likely to change over the lifetime of the Plan. In order to address the issue of the changing housing market the SHMA suggests adopting a 2 staged flexible approach to policy by having an overall District–wide target but implementing a process of repeat viability analysis to derive a viable (at the time of negotiation for planning permission) target.

9.21 The SHMA shows that wherever possible two thirds (67%) of affordable housing should be provided as social rented, normally this is through a Registered Provider (RP). The remaining third (33%) should be other forms of affordable housing such as intermediate rent, affordable rent, shared ownership or other affordable home ownership products. The involvement of the community and private sectors in providing rented, shared ownership or alternative intermediate schemes running along those more traditionally built by RPs are welcomed. They will of course need to comply with the same terms and conditions of management, maintenance and Scheme Development Standards (SDS) as those set out for affordable rented units by the Homes and Communities Agency or any successor organisation.