Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Market Housing

Dwelling size and type for market housing

9.34 As well as making provision for affordable housing it is also important that the right mix of market housing is provided based on current and future demographic trends, the needs of the market and the community, this is recognised in national guidance[1].

9.35 The SHMA identifies the profile for new market housing in South Somerset taking into account supply and demand for each type and size. The profile is based on examining the difference between the supply and demand for homes. It suggests that in terms of housing type in South Somerset there is a greater requirement for detached and semi detached houses than for terraced housing and flats. In terms of size there is a much smaller requirement for 1 bedroom properties compared with the other house sizes with three quarters of the requirement being for 2 and 3 bedroom properties.

9.36 The over arching principle of creating sustainable, inclusive and mixed communities will particularly be applied when negotiating housing mix on large site applications (10 dwellings or more). The SHMA or successor documents will be used to inform the mix of housing to be provided as well as more local information relevant to any specific development proposals.

1. National Planning Policy Framework, March 2012 [back]