Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Provision of Open Space, Outdoor Playing Space and Sports, Cultural and Community Facilities in New Development

Local Standards and Planning Obligations

11.6 Government guidance [1] requires local authorities to have undertaken detailed assessments of needs and audits of existing facilities, to identify deficiencies in facilities and set appropriate local standards in order to justify planning obligations. Once this is completed, local standards can be applied and planning obligations used to secure additional provision or enhancement where required.

11.7 The quantitative, qualitative, accessibility and catchment standards are set out in the Council's needs assessment. Further advice on the Council's design standards for open space is found in the Landscape Design Guide Addendum and the Play Policy produced by the Council.[2]

11.8 In accordance with Policy SS6, these standards are used to assess the level of open space, outdoor playing space and sports, cultural and community facilities that would be needed to meet the reasonable requirements of a development’s future occupants, providing that the obligation meets the three statutory tests in paragraph 204 of the NPPF[3] .

11.9 The provision of 'dual use' open space may be considered but only where open access can be secured and where the District Council is satisfied that long term open access can be achieved.

11.10 The viability of the proposed development will also need to be taken into account in accordance with Policy SS6. In the case of an enabling development, or where the development is unable to deliver all the policy requirements for reasons of viability, an open book approach will be required in line with the Policy and the Council's adopted Protocol[4].

11.11 In calculating the amount of space required, the type of development and make-up of individual housing schemes will need to be taken into account in order to determine likely household size. It is accepted that not all types of development generate the same demand for open space, outdoor playing space, and sport and recreational facilities, such as single bedroom accommodation, rest homes, nursing homes, sheltered accommodation, special needs housing.

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