Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Strategic Contributions

11.16 The contribution towards strategic facilities, which, by their nature cannot be provided within the appropriate distance threshold of every development and have a large effective catchment area and high distance threshold, will be sought through the collection of a Community Infrastructure Levy. This will be in accordance with the strategic priorities as identified by the Council when collecting and assigning CIL.

Policy HW1: Provision of open space, outdoor playing space, sports, cultural and community facilities in new development

Where new housing development generates a need for additional open space, outdoor playing space, local and strategic sports, cultural and community facilities, provision/contributions will be made in accordance with the standards set out in South Somerset District Council’s published adopted assessments and needs strategies. The need for additional open space may be required due to the proximity to sensitive (internationally-designated) conservation areas, so as to alleviate potential development-related pressure on those sites.

Housing provision consisting of sheltered housing, rest and nursing homes, special needs housing will be exempt from these standards with exception of informal recreational open space.

Developments of one bedroom dwellings will not be required to provide equipped play provision and youth facilities but will be required to provide for other open space and outdoor playing space.

Dependent upon the size and layout of the development, the provision of open space, outdoor playing space, local and strategic sports, cultural and community facilities, may be required on site or may form part of contribution towards off site provision of either new or improved facilities. In such circumstances off-site provision towards local facilities should be made in a location, which adequately services the new development and a planning obligation may be used to secure this.

Provision should be made for future maintenance to ensure the continued availability of the facilities.

Green Corridors, Public Rights of Way, Civic Spaces, Cemeteries, Private Open Space and Community Allotments are other aspects of Green Infrastructure, which need to be given full consideration.

Open space is defined as informal recreational open space, formal parks and gardens, country parks, natural open space and woodlands.

Outdoor Playing Space is defined as playing pitches, equipped play areas and youth facilities.

11.17 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing Policy HW1:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Developers and Landowners.
Monitoring Indicators Target
Levels of open space, outdoor playing space, local and strategic sports, and cultural and community facilities  Achievement of open space standards with new development
CIL funding towards strategic infrastructure CIL funding identified towards strategic open spaces infrastructure in accord with Council priorities