Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Sustainability Appraisal

The principles of ‘sustainable development’ are central to the planning system. A common definition of this term is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. A presumption in favour of sustainable development is at the heart of national planning policy.
Sustainability Appraisal is used to assess the social, economic and environmental effects of the Local Plan, along with any ‘reasonable alternatives’, in order to ensure that sustainable development is achieved in the plan.
The Sustainability Appraisal Report is being published for formal consultation alongside the ‘Proposed Submission’ Local Plan, with a view to informing the consultation. A Non Technical Summary has also been produced. Consultees might also like to comment directly on the findings of the Sustainability Appraisal (given that its purpose is to inform plan-makers directly, as well as support consultation on the plan). Comments can be made on the representation form that accompanies the plan, or by selecting 'Add a comment' at the bottom of this page.
The content of each chapter in the SA report is summarised below:
Section 2: Introduces the South Somerset Local Plan/Core Strategy, briefly describing the contents of the ‘Proposed Submission’ Local Plan.
Section 3: Describes the SA methodology, who carried out the SA and any difficulties in carrying out the assessment.
Section 4: Sets out other relevant plans and programmes that have influenced the plan, the sustainability baseline and issues, and the SA framework.
Section 5: Summarises the findings of the SA of the ‘Issues and Options’ and the ‘Draft Core Strategy incorporating Preferred Options’.
Section 6: Summarises the SA findings of the ‘Proposed Submission Local Plan’.
Section 7: Indicates the indicators that will be used to monitor the significant effects of the Core Strategy.
Section 8: Highlights the next steps in the SA process following the publication of this report.
SA Report Appendices (please note that these are large documents which may take some time to open):
Appendix 1: Review of Plans, Policies and Programmes.
Appendix 2: Baseline data.
Appendix 3: Core Strategy ‘Issues and Options’ appraisal matrices.
Appendix 4: ‘Draft Core Strategy (incorporating preferred options)’ appraisal matrices.
Appendix 5: Sustainability Appraisal of Yeovil’s Strategic Growth Options.
Appendix 6A: Sustainability Appraisal of options for locating development around the ‘Market Towns’.
Appendix 6B: Maps of ‘Market Towns’ showing growth options.
Appendix 7: ‘Proposed Submission’ Local Plan policy appraisal matrices.
Appendix 8: Cumulative effects of the ‘Proposed Submission’ Local Plan matrix.