Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

13 Implementation and Monitoring

13.1 Monitoring and review are key components of the planning system. Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) need to be continually reviewed and revised, partly to be able to assess the success of the Local Development Document (LDD) and partly to ensure the components of the framework are updated to reflect changing circumstances nationally, regionally and locally.

13.2 The Local Plan's role is to provide a clear and robust framework for development in order that investment and action can be co-ordinated and geared to efficient and effective delivery. The need to monitor comes from the requirement to check that the plan is being successfully implemented and that the outcomes are as intended. The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) will be the principle mechanism for monitoring the Local Plan and other documents in the LDF, bringing together all the necessary information in one place.

13.3 Each strategic objective and each policy of the Local Plan are linked to one or more monitoring indicators and targets have been established for each to show the level of progress to meet Local Plan objectives.

13.4 The AMR will also report the ability to provide a 5 Year Housing Land Supply, a key factor in the potential ability of the Core Strategy to deliver growth. This will be based upon the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, which identifies land that is suitable, available and viable for housing development and will be updated on an annual basis.

13.5 In the event that monitoring identifies insufficient progress to meet the objectives of the Local Plan, the Annual Monitoring Report will identify the relevant issues, analyses the problems and propose remedial action as necessary. In addition a five yearly comprehensive review of the Local Plan and subsequent implementation will be undertaken.