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Response Date 25 Jul 2012
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The Ilminster Town Council favours a 'Relief Road' - relieving what exactly?  In my view, both ends of the development ie Ditton Street/Townsend, would create more problems than it would solve.  The old A303 is used as a relief road for the Ilminster bypass when closed due to an accident, so the thought of two sets of traffic lights on Bay Hill/Townsend and East Street/The Butts, as suggested would surely need serious consideration.  The south-west of Ilminster is strategically better placed for road access to Taunton, Chard, Exeter and Yeovil; also within walking distance to the town's many amenities, plus bus stops, necessary for non-car users.  

In a county that has lost so many of its trees already, to destroy a beautiful wooded landscape unnecessarily seems a sacrilege.  Please think again.

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