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Response Date 26 Jul 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant? No
Do you consider the DPD is Sound? No
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The town council were not transparent enough with the changes they made to the direction of growth for ilminster. Those who happened across the 'information' bus state that changes were not made evident. The bus itself and the other five opportunities to make comments on the plan are still a complete mystery to me and I live and shop regularly in the area! The brown site near horlicks has sat devoid of interest from industry for many years and would surely be put to good use as housing for people who are likely to commute to Taunton anyhow, where guaranteed millions is being spent on regeneration and job creation. I believe certain members of the town council may have been negligent in their attempts to inform the community, in order to satisfy their own personal desires.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? Brown sites should be used for housing developments or pockets of growth around the town.
Using shudrick valley is not ecologically sound, using brown sites would be.
Existing road patterns are adequate for growth in ilminster, according to a highways report, a new relief road is not required.
The direction for growth should return to its original position, option 2, ironically, where the new surgery has been built, and in the opposite direction to the latest decision. Leave Shudrick valley as a pristine legacy to the children of ilminster. This would be a moral and justifiable decision.
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