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Response Date 05 Aug 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant?
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The Plan is not justified because, in the case of Ilchester, it has not been based on 'proportionate evidence'.

The Settlement Role and Function Study (the Baker report) chose to include - for most of the time – the Royal Naval Station Yeovilton and its associated MoD supplied housing.  Ilchester is in fact two self-contained villages each of which has little reliance on the other. It has always been so, despite many attempts at social integration. The two halves are also very much physically separated (with the exception of the 'civilian' houses in Great Orchard)

The Baker report in its discussions of Ilchester is inconsistent, makes erroneous assumptions, and therefore arrives at inaccurate conclusions.

As an example of Baker's inconsistencies, while it includes consideration of the MoD housing, it completely excludes all other MoD provisions, such as the shops, banks, nursery facilities, theatre and health centre on the RNAS base, and the MoD police office, social centre and nursery facilities in the heart of the MoD housing.

As an example of Baker's wrong assumptions, and perhaps the worst, is in its assessment of the demography.  There is a disproportionately high number of children and teenagers in Ilchester, which the report says will need housing and jobs within the timescale of the Local Plan. They won't, because they are the offspring of young Naval families, who will move on in the short term, to be replaced by fresh young Naval families.  Yet the apparent risk of homeless unemployed is at the heart of the justification for the development proposed in the Local Plan.

The statement at 7.25 'The MOD have identified that there will be a need for additional housing for service personnel and their families within a 10 mile radius of RNAS Yeovilton within the plan periodImplication mod need houses'  should not be included in the Plan, for the reason that this is subliminal support for the development.  In fact the MoD plans should not have any bearing on the Local Plan.  The Naval liaison officers have held a consistent line over the last few years: they believe there is enough service housing in Ilchester, and have been looking at other neighbouring parishes to site any future requirements, and, more importantly, cannot give a long term growth or reduction forecast for the RNAS operations. This last is gives further support to  the argument that Baker lacks credibility and does not provide 'proportionate evidence'

I propose that all consideration of RNAS Yeovilton, the MoD housing and services are discounted from defining the Local Plan requirements, on the grounds that they comprise a separate settlement entity to the rest of the village, as justified by the foregoing. If the Planning Inspector concurs with these arguments, then the conclusion is that Ilchester must be relegated to Rural Settlement status: discounting a quarter of the population puts Ilchester on a par with other Rural Settlements such as Queen Camel.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? a) rejection of the Settlement Role and Function Study as it relates to Ilchester, b) deletion of all considerations of RNAS Yeovilton and its associated housing and services in defining the Local Plan, c) relegation of Ilchester to Rural Settlement, and therefore d) the logical removal of the proposed development of 151 houses in Ilchester.
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