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Response Date 03 Aug 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant?
Do you consider the DPD is Sound?
If you have responded that the DPD is unsound, Do you consider the DPD is unsound because it is:

b. Employment (5.18) I agree the need for more diversification. The growth of service and retail sections has provided some, but the continued likely shrinkage of AgustaWestland and associated high-tech employment needs more.

c. Office Space in Town Centre. (5.18) a worthy ambition but difficult to achieve given the economics of radial growth, road infrastructure and parking. This needs a clearer view of how it might be achieved.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound?
If your representation is seeking a change, do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination?
If you wish to participate at the oral part of the examination, please outline why you consider this to be necessary: