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Response Date 08 Aug 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant? No
Do you consider the DPD is Sound? No
If you have responded that the DPD is unsound, Do you consider the DPD is unsound because it is:
  • Not Consistent with national policy

Policy EP2 comment:

Offices are defined as a main town centre use in the NPPF. Policy EP2 does not include the word “main”. and it is unclear whether Town in this context means Strategic and/or Market Town or other. Some clarity is required here to avoid adopting a policy that could lead to office development In areas that are not “main towns”.


8.25 Delivery bodies must include Town and Parish Councils.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? Revise to "Main towns" and include Town and Parish Councils in delivery.
If your representation is seeking a change, do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination? Yes
If you wish to participate at the oral part of the examination, please outline why you consider this to be necessary: To relay the full evidence to the Inspector.