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Response Date 09 Aug 2012
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Paragraphs 5.57, 5.58 and 5.59 highlight greatest flaws in this proposal.

All required parameters are achievable around the Pen Mill Transport Interchange and its link to the North East area, Town Centre’s southern region, plus continuing on to another possible Transport Interchange at Yeovil Junction Railway Station. Combined with expanded development to integrate underused railway sidings, depleted areas of industry and the Pen Mill Trading Estate. Completion of an ‘Urban Village’ in this locale can be achieved without injury or cost for relocation of parking and amenities at the southern region .of Town Centre.

            The cited area of Stars Lane to South Street would be better utilised as expansion of leisure facilities and the desired central location of building mass to accommodate indoor sports facilities over levels of car parking and amenity services. [11.18 to 11.23 ~ Policy HW2] This could incorporate the present sports and cinemas complex, whilst forming a central link from Goldenstones Leisure Centre and development of river Yeo flood plains (for outdoor water activities) and present Golf Course.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? Save cost of Compulsory Purchase Orders and use Council's own freehold for the community benefit.
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