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Response Date 09 Aug 2012
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The consultation process - in particular on the change from Option 2 to Option 1 - has been so opaque that gossip is now rife about underhand behaviour. I doubt this is the case, but it has been so ill-publicised,  so vaguely announced, that there has been frankly negligible opportunity for comment. I'm not  a lawyer (and this whole document seems designed for lawyers rather than the concerned citizen), but I DO have 8 years experience as a Councillor on a Planning Committee; and in my opinion it has absolutely NOT complied with the spirit of consultation, of which SSDC has been such a champion in the past.

I also think that the choice of Option 1 (and the original assessment) completely underestimate the landscape value of this corner of Ilminster. This beautiful valley , with its wooded sides and its ancient archaeology is part of the setting that makes Ilminster the lovely place that it is: to cover it with houses would be unforgiveable: and in 20 years' time we will be looking for the next area, and the next - how on earth is this 'sustainable' by any coherent definition of the word?

I don't know if that's a legal reason, but it's my objection. Both the proposal, and the manner by which it was reached, are entirely flawed.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? Re-consult on the Ilminster planning proposals.
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