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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
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I am writing this as an Ilchester resident and not as a Parish Councillor. My comments are as follows.

1, the Baker Report (Settlement Role and Function Study) contains many mistakes and incorrect assumptions about Ilchester.

2, The Royal Navy at Yeovilton has all the facilities on the base and is a complete unit to it self. For this reason, the air base and the associated service housing should not be considered when deciding whether Ilchester is a Rural Centre or a Rural Settlement.

3, We have serious traffic and parking problems in ilchester, and the geography of the village will not allow for any expansion of the road system to accommodate a development of 150 houses. Our problems can only get worse. The Local Plan contains no plans or discussion of this problem.It appears that considerations of traffic movement have been conveniently ignored.

4, The inclusion of 2 hectares of employment land in the proposal makes little sense. The residents of the 150 houses will no doubt be Yeovil commuters, and if any commercial enterprise does appear on this land provision, no doubt they will bring in workers from outside. The biggest employer in the village (excluding RNAS Yeovilton) is the cheese factory. When I last enquired, they employed just six Ilchester residents. There is no reason to suppose that any new employer would be any different.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? Ilchester should revert to being a Rural Settlement, not a Rural Centre.
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