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Response Date 08 Aug 2012
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I write to the Core Strategy Planning Committee as a member of the community of Somerton, regarding the Heart of Somerton the Ancient Capital of Wessex (The Conservation Area). The regeneration of this area is of the highest priority, as described in your paragraph below.

Historic Heritage Conservation

"The historic environment is an essential part of South Somerset's rich cultural heritage, contributing to the sense of identity and quality of life in the district, the local economy and the well-being of our residents and visitors. Whether in the form of individual buildings, archaeological sites, historic market towns or landscapes, the conservation of this heritage and sustaining it for the benefit of future generations is an important aspect of the role the Council plays on behalf of the community and as the local planning authority.

The components of the historic environment are known as 'Heritage Assets'.

These are buildings, monuments, sites, areas or landscapes positively identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions. The following categories of nationally designated heritage assets are identified for protection:

Planning for the Historic Environment

To a large degree the management of the historic heritage is carried out through the planning service. Legislation, the government's national policies and the Local Development Framework impose a series of measures for the recognition, protection and conservation of the various heritage assets and the local planning authority's responsibility is to ensure that these measures are implemented. National policy is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework."

(The above paragraphs in red come from your web site) I believe this was seriously neglected when the Appeal for a 'Care Home' off West Street was given the go ahead. You knew of one 'Care home' 'Wessex House' already very close to that area, and another a few hundred yards from the area. The planners have now planned for Somerton's historic centre not to be the place for Tourists but for people to come to die. It will discourage young people from coming to live here or even starting a business. I visit people in care homes and know the reality is that there will be few visitors. The current message from on high is that in future the Government policy will be to keep these patients in their own homes rather than in care.

At the appeal of The 'Care Home' off West Street, we were told that it was a very acceptable area for such a home. The North pavement of West Street was described as wide enough for 2 wheel chairs to pass safely! This is not the case; it is often necessary when 2 people try to pass on the pavement that one person needs to step off, especially if the other is using a stick or Zimmer frame.

The redundant area in West street and behind to the South, had a plan agreed earlier which is far more desirable for 27x 2 bed apartments, and an underground car park which satisfied our community. It would be preferable to have this accommodation open to all age groups. The latter was definitely not acceptable and your committee ignored that. Where is the 'Localism Policy'?

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