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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
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Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land

In the previous Local Plan there was a policy (EC1) to protect BMV land. This is missing from the LP and it is understood that SSDC considers the matter is covered by para 112 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Since population, nationally and worldwide, is growing, CPRE considers that, in the interests of food security, SSDC should give greater protection to agricultural land and have a presumption against development on BMV land.


The diversity of landscape in SS is extraordinary, with AONBs to east and west, the Levels and Moors to the north and jurassic limestone hills to the south. It is an asset which enhances the lives of its residents, supports tourism and makes it a desirable place to locate businesses. So in addition to its intrinsic value the landscape is important in economic terms. Despite this there are no policies in the LP to conserve and enhance landscape. Without such policies it would be difficult for SSDC to ensure that landscape, outside designated areas, would not be degraded. Although the NPPF states that landscape in AONBs should have the highest level of protection, it would be an additional safeguard if Policy EC2 of the old Local Plan were carried forward into the LP. What is perhaps even more important is the protection of non designated areas and here again the old Local Plan had an admirable policy, namely Policy EC3, specifying that development outside development areas should be compatible with landscape character. This would need some updating to reflect recent advances in knowledge and understanding of landscape character assessment. However something is badly needed, especially when changes in farming and the development of new renewable energy technologies are taken into account.

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