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Response Date 09 Aug 2012
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We agree the aim of finding a hectare of employment land. That could be available in very small parcels close to the town. Some can be related to training in agricultural production in an area of outstanding quality produce. It is likely that better broadband could bring about more demand for live-work in this attractive area as the nature of work changes over the years and more entrepreneurs are attracted to South Somerset, so we would welcome clarification of how this is to be measured and controlled.

However, the nature of future employment creation may affect proposed choices for location of small groups of dwellings. Further linear spread is to be resisted, especially in areas where the land–drainage is not well understood. Throughout the centuries, gradual accretion has served the town well; recent larger developments have been less successful in many respects.

Potential developments at Durslade Farm and along Wyke Road may be realised before the Plan is finally Adopted, but their contributions to the Sustainability and Vitality of Bruton ought to be evaluated in the light of the growth required in the Plan, as should the creation of a new and larger, re-located Surgery. The Inspector should be asked to include these developments in the Assessment even if some of the work pre-dates his Report

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