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Response Date 08 Aug 2012
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I am writing to you to comment on the proposed South Somerset Local Plan 2006- 2028 which is in the public domain for representations and comments.

I wish to comment on the proposed development areas at Langport/Huish Episcopi, particularly the development in the South Easterly direction from the A372 road.

The proposed local plan envisages development in the South East direction from the A372 approximately as far as the existing Abattoir and Meat Processing Plant (AMPP). Due to a representation from Natural England, the development is proposed to be of a commercial rather than a residential nature.

Natural England is concerned that residential development would increase the use of footpaths particularly in the Wet Moor area, causing disturbance to wild life generally and to Bewick Swans in particular.

I would like to point out that the Langport Visitors Centre has, as one of its main aims, the encouragement of more use of footpaths by the public and the promotion of the area as a tourist attraction. There would thus seem to be a contradiction between these two aspirations.

In addition, in the area in question, there are already at least 5 residential properties which are situated between the Huish Episcopi to Muchelney road and the AMPP. In view of this I would prefer to see a mixed residential/commercial development in the area under question.

I feel that particularly between the existing 3/4 residential properties situated immediately to the north east of the AMPP there would be scope for a small residential development which would, in my opinion, enhance the area, would not be detrimental to commercial development and would not increase the disturbance to wild life.


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