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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
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5.5 It is noted in the Submission Plan that Policy YV5: Yeovil Airfield Flight Safety Zone has been delineated on the basis of information supplied by Augusta Westland.

5.6 Civil Aviation Authority advice is as follows:

  • Whilst aircraft follow a number of routes surrounding an airport, it is statistically more likely for an airport-related aircraft incident to occur on landing rather than on. take-off. In the UK, the majority of airports use long, straight, arrival routes that follow the extended runway centreline for some distance to guide aircraft to the airport runway; therefore statistically, there is more likelihood that any incident, should it occur, would happen along these straight approach routes instead of the often curved departure routes. As a result, PSZs tend to extend away from the runway in a triangular shape, tapering to a point that usually lies on the extended runway centreline.

5.7 DfT Circular 01/2010 advice is as follows:

  • In all cases the Public Safety Zones are based on the landing threshold for each end of the runway and taper away from the runway
  • The Public Safety Zones should be of sufficient size to allow for possible future growth in the number of aircraft movements, without affecting unnecessarily large areas of land.
  • The Secretary of State regards the maximum tolerable level of individual third party risk of being killed as a result of an aircraft accident as 1 in 10,000 per year.
  • The Ministry of Defence is responsible for Public Safety Zone matters at military aerodromes, although there are no such Zones currently in use at these sites.

5.8 The advice of the CAA and DfT suggests that the size, location and orientation of the Flight Safety Zones in the Submission Plan should be revisited. Furthermore, the relatively small number of flights may not justify the use of Fight Safety Zones. Helicopter emergency landing zones should be measured from the centre of the helipads, and do not extend out to the extent as those for fixed wing aircraft, as evidenced by heliports in densely populated cities.

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