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Response Date 21 Aug 2012
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I understand new houses are to be built in Ilminster, I am not against it as we all have to have to live somewhere. 

My husband and I moved about 18 months ago to be near shops and release some money to help out the pension.  We wanted another bungalow as we are both elderly and not in the best of health, but all we could find were large and expensive or very, very small.  When the new houses are built how nice to have some bungalows about £200,000 with 2 beds of good size, built in wardrobes and room for a dressing table, a decent sized living room, and kitchen large enough to have a table and four chairs, a small garden and a garage. 

We feel this type of property is sadly missing in this area, as do many of our friends, who also would like to make a move but nothing available. 

Do the housing department have any say on what type of property can be built?  If so perhaps you could look into this, we feel the elderly are not being catered for with the type of property now available, we ourselves are finding stairs a great strain, after moving from a bungalow into a house, but we had no other choice. 

I do hope you are able to help and thank you for your time.

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