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Agent Pointcloud Consult (L Wright)
Response Date 17 Aug 2012
Do you consider the DPD is Legally Compliant?
Do you consider the DPD is Sound?
If you have responded that the DPD is unsound, Do you consider the DPD is unsound because it is:


Wyke Farms are significant landowners in the area. 

Attached to this email is the SSDC plan showing preferred options 1, 2 and 3.  We have marked in red the land owned by Wyke Farms and wish to express to you their willingness for any of their land to come forward for development and that if it does, they will release the land for development.  Significantly we would ask you to take account of the following:

  1. The landowner is willing to release the land for development.
  2. All the land has easy existing highway access with good visibility available and all visibility splays in Wyke Farms ownership.
  3. The land should be easy to develop and there a re no problems. 
  4. Our client is supportive and pro affordable housing for local people.
  5. The land owned by our client in Option 3 is difficult to farm due to the proximity to residential properties (odour/noise etc) and is the least desirable parcel that they have from a farming point of view.  It also links easily with the town centre.
  6. Option 2 land adjoins Castle Cary Station making it a good sustainable location and our client is willing to extend the area indicated on your map west to the field south of the station. 

Whilst we appreciate that the time has passed for making presentations and our client apologises for this, we would nevertheless ask you to take into consideration the contents of this email if at all possible, particularly in consideration of the large amount of land our client owns.

What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound?
If your representation is seeking a change, do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination?
If you wish to participate at the oral part of the examination, please outline why you consider this to be necessary: