Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 03 Dec 2010
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6.107 - The assertions made in this paragraph appear not to be justified by the evidence base used. Although the study quoted identifies 1.24 jops per employment, the South Somerset Settlement Role and Function Study Final Report April 2009 clearly indicates these are not an indicator of local jobs. It does not follow that a high employment density figure equates to attracting workers from surrounding settlements if the employment opportunities are not local.

The South Somerset Settlement Role and Function Study Final Report April 2009 figures quoted in this paragraph are also based on data that nearly 10 years old. Indeed the study itself acknowledges this. It is clear that the high employment density is therfore potentially unsubstatiated. Any conclusion toward more housing based on this premise is therfore flawed and the need for additional homes cannot be justified this way.

The Evidence Base needs to be updated with more current and accurate evidence before the statements in this paragraph can be justified. SSDC should have regard to evidence from the Local Town Council (See Town Council response letter dated 24th Nov 2010) which clearly provides a contrary view indicating employmentsites are dwindling. This is much more likely to be a better understanding of the situation.

Local views should be regarded as of high material consideration when assessing spatial policy. As there is clear evidence to the contrary, this paragraph cannot be justified and the premise for additional housing need based on employment attractors is inadequate.