Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

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Response Date 09 Oct 2014



In its representations to the Submission version of the Local Plan (August 2012), the Examination (spring/summer 2013) and Proposed Main Modifications (PMM) consultation (January 2014), Abbey Manor Group (‘AMG’) supported the designation of Yeovil as the focus for future development as the main town in the District. This remains the case.

AMG similarly made representations on how future development at Yeovil could best be accommodated. Whilst AMG supported the principle of development at the (southern) Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension, the company also proposed that the Local Plan included an additional urban extension to the north east of Yeovil.


The representations explained that the company controlled a tract of land to the north Lyde Road and east of Mudford Hill, measuring approximately 54 hectares in size and extending to the north of the Wyndham Park development area. This area offers the opportunity to accommodate approximately 800 new dwellings; widening the choice of housing locations and providing a greater means of achieving the number of new homes the Plan intends are provided at Yeovil. Development of this scale in this location also affords the opportunity to widen local amenities and community facilities in the Lyde Road / Wyndham Park; a recognised deficiency in this area.


AMG therefore welcomed the re-assessment of growth options around Yeovil and the conclusions that led to Proposed Main Modifications 1 & 2 (PMM1 & 2) in the January 2014 consultation, which proposed two urban extensions at Yeovil; to the north east (Mudford) and south of the town (East Coker).


AMG supported the conclusion that land to north east of the town should be included as an urban extension. Consistent with AMG’s own analysis of this location, it offers a genuine and deliverable opportunity to accommodate about 800 new homes and associated uses.

The principle of development at the North East Sustainable Urban Extension was established in the PMM and discussed further in the Local Plan Hearing Session on Thursday 12th June 2014. In response to the matters raised and debated at the hearing sessions the Inspector requested additional text be added to the Local Plan regarding the mitigation of the potential landscape impact of the North East Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension. In turn the Council suggested amendments to the second paragraph of Policy YV2 to include specific reference to structural landscaping measures. AMG’s development proposals anticipate the importance of structural landscaping and make such necessary provision and the detail of this is a matter for consideration in the context of planning application. AMG do not object to this further modification to YV2.


The Main Modifications, also introduce a further change to Policy YV2 to be consistent with the approach in Policy SS3: Delivering New Employment Land AMG supports the text change from B1 to Employment ("for economic development").

This amendment, along with the Structural Landscaping references inserted following the 12th June 2014 Hearing Session, reflect the issues that the Inspector considered required further attention and therefore the allocation of the North East Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension as a principle is sound.