South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

15 Implementation and Monitoring

Monitoring Framework

15.1 The Local Plan Review looks forward to 2036, monitoring how well the Local Plan Review is performing and being implemented is therefore an essential element of the planning system. As well as other tools such as the housing trajectory and annual 5 year housing land supply report, the Council has also established a set of monitoring indicators which are set out in the Figure 15.1 below.

15.2 The monitoring focuses on indicators from a range of different sources that help the Council to identify trends and provide a means of assessing how well the policies set out in the Local Plan are performing. The indicators are therefore structured around specific policies. Where appropriate, targets have been indicated to make it easier for a judgement to be made on how well the policy is being implemented. Given some cross-cutting issues in the Local Plan are addressed through a number of policies, in many instances the indicator specified will be relevant to a number of policies.

15.3 The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) will review and report on the indicators each year. Where appropriate (e.g. if better data becomes available in the future) the AMR may include additional or revised indicators. If any changes are made these will be explained in the AMR.

15.4 Over the plan period the circumstances in which the plan has been produced may change. For example, this may include a change in economic climate or expected future demographic changes. Many of these factors may be outside of the Council's control. With this in mind the Local Plan has sought to be flexible in its approach. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to undertake a review of all or part of the Plan in order for it to remain up-to-date, for example if it becomes inconsistent with national policy or is not delivering in key policy areas. In any case current the NPPF expects that Local Plans will need to be reviewed in whole or in part at least every five years to ensure they remain up-to-date and effective.

Figure 15.1 – Monitoring Indicators

Indicator – what is monitored

What is the target?

Relevant Local Plan Review Policy/Policies

Net gain in the number of new homes completed annually

716 per year (net)

SS1 and SS2

Net gain in the number of new homes completed over the plan period (and where they are located).

14,322 (net) between 2016 and 2036

SS1 and SS2

Five-year housing land supply within South Somerset

This is measured against the target of 3,580 (5 x 716) plus the appropriate buffer, plus any shortfall from earlier in the plan period

SS1 and SS2

The number and location of new homes granted planning permission but not completed (commitments) across the District.

These will contribute towards the five-year housing land supply.


The number of new homes allocated in Neighbourhood Plans

No target but will contribute towards the overall housing supply in South Somerset.

SS1 and SS2

Number of affordable housing units by size and tenure secured on site through open market housing development

29% of the total number of dwellings on qualifying sites. 80% Social/affordable rented and 20% affordable home ownership products.


Number of affordable homes completed on Rural Exception sites

No target. Important context for understanding where affordable housing is being delivered.


Number of market homes granted planning permission by number of bedrooms and type

As set out in Figure 9.2.


Net gain in the amount of new employment land delivered

88 hectares (net)


Amount of floorspace and land granted planning permission for non-employment uses on existing employment sites (loss of employment land).

No target. Information to understand commercial trends, needs for land and premises and inform other strategies associated to business needs.


Number of Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Sites granted planning permission by 2032

23 Residential pitches

10 Transit pitches

6 Travelling Showpeople plots.


Town centre uses within the defined town centres and the number of vacant units.

No target but provides an indication of the health of the town centres in the District.

TC5, TC6

Delivery of Yeovil Refresh regeneration sites

No target. Provides an indication of whether Council objectives are being achieved.


Delivery of Chard Town Centre – Boden Mill site

No target. Provides an indication of whether Council objectives are being achieved.


Amount of new retail floorspace delivered in out of centre locations.

No target. Informs town centre regeneration strategies.

TC5, TC6

Town Centre Vacancy Rates

Target – reduction in previous year.


Number of dwellings approved on major developments with one or more parking spaces that provide at least one charging point,

All new dwellings on major developments.


Number and site area of equipped play areas and youth facilities lost to other development.