South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 16 Sep 2019

Section 8.56 states “The Milborne Port Community Plan was produced in 2010 and is now the subject of a review. A public ‘planning for real’ exercise has been undertaken; a residents’ survey carried out, and a housing needs assessment is also underway; but it is probably too early at the time of writing to identify any particular emerging themes.”

The correct updated status here is as follows:

A neighbourhood Plan committee was formed in Jan-19, and has to date conducted two surveys canvassing residents views on the settlements future. The Aug-19 Milborne Port Parish Council Meeting voted to formally apply for a Neighbourhood Plan with SSDC. The Neighbourhood Plan surveys included 1) A stall at the village fete event in Jun-19 and 2) a survey of the organisations/clubs that make up the village in Apr-19. Both surveys asked residents what they value about the village, and what they see as existing problems or future threats to the village. The findings have amongst other things revealed major concerns from residents about the significant detrimental impact that a series of recent large scale new developments have had on traffic in the village, and the safety to pedestrians and children walking to school/playing. Furthermore the lack of amenities to residents, and a continued fall in amenities in recent years have been highlighted by residents.

Conclusion: The Preferred Options paper should be aware of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan, and preliminary findings, and update Figure 5.4 and section 8.56 accordingly.