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Response Date 10 Aug 2012
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2.4.1 Policy LMT2 directs growth to the north, east and south east of the Langport/HuishEpiscopi highlighted on the proposals map. It highlights the need for open space to be provided due to the proximity to Conservation areas.

2.4.2 We generally support the direction of growth identified on the Proposals Map subject to priority being given to those sites which are adjacent to and most closely related to the existing urban area. As recognised within the Local Plan, there are currently few sites available within the existing urban area.

2.4.3 The Lloyd Family controls three parcels of land adjacent to and closely related to the existing urban area. The sites are identified on the Proposals Map as within the 'direction of growth' areas. Each site and its development potential is described in more detail below and is presented on the attached plan. The three sites are considered to be suitable, available and deliverable.

2.4.4 The first site is located on the junction of Somerton Road and the A372 and is known as the Trial Ground. The development of this site would enable residential development to come forward and contribute towards the Council's 5 year supply.

2.4.5 Preliminary discussions with Somerset County Council (the Highways Authority) have confirmed that access to the site could be provided from the A372 providing good visibility splays. There is residential development to the south, west and south east of the site and commercial uses to the north and east. This is a logical site for residential development given its location and there are no constraints that would prevent residential development being delivered.

2.4.6 The second site, known as Walnut Ground, lies immediately south of the railway line and to the north of a cricket ground. This site could offer some development potential or alternatively it could provide other community benefits, such as public open space/sports pitches in conjunction with residential development of the Trial Ground and in accordance with Local Plan policy LMT2. Improvements to the existing footpath that runs along the northern boundary of the site could also be potentially achieved in this site. Additional public open space in this location would be accessible given its location next to existing open space.

2.4.7 The final site is known as Church Field and is located towards the south of Langport. The site is adjacent to the Grade 1 listed Parish church and is within a conservation area. There is residential development to the north and west and the A372 lies to the west. Part of this site has the potential for a small, high quality residential development opposite the school. Development of this nature on this site could also deliver land for an extension to the Church Yard.

2.4.8 The direction of growth shown on the Proposals Map goes beyond the existing settlement to the north, north east and to the south east. With the exception of SHLAA site N/HEUP/0002 which is identified as being deliverable in the 5-10 year period, the other Greenfield land does not appear to have been identified or assessed through the SHLAA. Policy LMT2 states that development to the south-east is suitable for employment only.

2.4.9 The following represents a summary of the key opportunities that apply to the development of land within Langport:

  • Delivery of new housing (including affordable housing)
  • Provision of new open space and sports pitches – as identified within Parish Plan
  • High quality design, especially within the conservation area
  • Potential for biodiversity gain within open space (Walnut Ground).
  • Potential for the provision of land to expand the Church Yard (Church Field)
What changes do you suggest to make the DPD legally compliant or sound? 2.4.10 We consider that the Trial Ground site should be identified as a housing allocation within the Local Plan to provide certainty over the future development of the settlement. This would be supported by the Framework which advocates the actual allocation of sites within Local Plans in order that they can be positively prepared. Similarly, we believe that the Walnut Ground should also be identified for housing development or as having the potential for being used for sports pitches/open space in association with the development of the Trial Ground. Finally, we consider that Church Field should also be identified as a suitable location for a small, sensitively designed housing development which could also deliver land for an extension to the Church Yard.
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